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A neutral benchmarking system against best existing practice

Variations in social compliance and environmental compliance standards, audit process and methodology as well as requirements for auditing competence make it difficult for buying companies to recognise and accept audit reports coming from other social / environmental compliance schemes. The GSCP Equivalence Process will help companies and initiatives overcome this by allowing them to benchmark their standards, tools and processes against agreed best existing practice as described in the GSCP Reference tools. Any Reference tools published by the GSCP in the future will be integrated into the Equivalence Process as appropriate.

Explore this section:

Purpose and use of the Equivalence Process

See this section to understand who can use the Equivalence Process and for what purposes.

Key steps & timeline

See this page to view the key procedural steps Users undertake while undergoing an Equivalence Process, and an overview of the timelines applicable to each step.


    Agreement & fees

    Go to this page to access a sample of the Agreement for the Equivalence Process which Users need to acknowledge before using the Equivalence Process platform. Also find out more here about the different fees applied.

    Presentations & webinars

    On this page you can download detailed presentations tailored for each main EP user type (buying companies, auditing bodies, initiatives) to get a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the Process and the technical functioning of the platform. Here you can also access recordings of both introductory and technical webinars held mid-2011.

    Register of Experts

    The Register of Experts gathers the independent professionals who are appointed ad hoc to serve in Equivalence Assessment Panels. Go to this page to learn more or to apply to join the Register.

    EP users

    In this section you will find a list of all the organisations that have completed the Equivalence Process. These are the organisations that can currently share and compare their results within the EP platform. You'll also find a list of the other organisations currently using the Equivalence Process.

    Starting the Process

    Access the EP platform to register to use the Equivalence Process - any questions please contact us through the platform!

    Development of the Equivalence Process

    A GSCP Expert Working Group was launched in April 2009 to develop the Equivalence Process - it was composed of 9 experts drawn from the GSCP Task Force:

    • Karin Bogaers, Coordinator Social Compliance, ROYAL AHOLD
    • Karl Daumueller , Lead Auditor & Program Manager, HEWLETT-PACKARD
    • Paul Dearman, International Ethical Trading Manager, TESCO
    • George Jaksch, Senior Director, Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, CHIQUITA EUROPE
    • Armineh Mardirossian, Group Sustainability Manager, WOOLWORTHS
    • Chris McCann, ES Country Manager, Wal-Mart Global Procurement, ASDA STORES
    • Lena Pripp-Kovac, IT Sustainability Manager, IKEA
    • Virginie Saudrais, Chargée de Mission Environnement et Social, CARREFOUR
    • Johann Züblin, Deputy Head of Issue Management and Sustainability, MIGROS

    The work of the group was coordinated by Marjan Smit (SIM) as Project Manager, and was completed in June 2011.