The GSCP has launched a new work stream on capacity building with small suppliers around the world, in partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). This is an unprecedented opportunity for member companies to work together on the development and the implementation of a capacity building programme that will be replicable and scalable.

This project will aim at:

  • developing capacities within clusters of suppliers (Small and Medium Enterprises - SMEs) to allow them to reach compliance with best existing practice requirements on social, ethical and environmental aspects while enhancing productivity, and enable common understanding of continuous improvement at SMEs level;
  • increasing suppliers’ access to market by encouraging their integration into global supply chains and ensuring productivity and sustainability.

Development process

  • review of UNIDO’s capacity building framework “Responsible Entrepreneur Achievement Programme” (REAP) and align it on the GSCP Reference Requirements in order to build a REAP+ Capacity Building Package;
  • design and deployment of pilot implementation projects with GSCP member companies and their suppliers, plus other buying companies outside of GSCP membership;
  • development of models to roll out REAP+ implementation at a global level. These models aim at providing suppliers with appropriate training and assistance within a framework based on buying companies’ best practices as described in the GSCP Reference tools.

Timeline summary

  • launch of the project: December 2012
  • start of alignment work: beginning 2013
  • group to review the results of the alignment: second half of 2013
  • design of pilots with suppliers: subsequently

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  • GSCP Member companies’ representatives
  • other buying companies invited to join the project piloting and roll-out
  • UNIDO experts
  • key stakeholders such as suppliers and local experts working on compliance issues and capacity building