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GSCP webinar on SAI's Social Fingerprint™ programme

Craig Moss, Director for Corporate Programmes and Training, Social Accountability International (SAI)

SAI has developed a new approach to Measure and Improve Social Performance: Social Fingerprint™. On October 6th 2010, Craig Moss presented to GSCP members this new programme of ratings, on and offline training and toolkits designed to help companies understand and measure their social impact and then learn how to improve it.

The programme includes the Social Fingerprint™ Company Rating System, the Social Fingerprint™ Supply Chain Management Rating System, and other components needed to help companies build capacity immediately. Companies can pick and choose from the Social Fingerprint™ programme components to enhance their existing corporate code of conduct programme, or they can use the programme to evaluate their own social performance or that of their suppliers.

SAI created the Social Fingerprint™ programme to help companies implement management systems in a credible, pragmatic and cost-effective way. The ratings help companies go beyond looking at code violations, to evaluating the processes that are essential to a high level of social performance. This programme’s process-based approach is a practical way to drive improvement regardless of which corporate or industry code is being used. In order to make the programme cost-effective, SAI has created an online hub – the Social Fingerprint™ Training Center - to supplement classroom training.