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Geosansar - developing financial litteracy: the route to financial inclusion for low-income workers in India

2011.06 - Nish Kotecha, Founder and Chairman - Geosansar

Financial inclusion is a necessary condition for generating and sustaining equitable growth. History has shown that it is virtually impossible to transition an economy into a modern society without broad-based financial inclusion. How could you survive in today’s modern world without your bank account, credit or debit card, access to insurance, loans etc?

This webinar introduced attendees to the work conducted by Geosansar to improve access of low-income employees to financial services in India. Nish Kotecha, Founder of the social enterprise also known as "the One Rupee Bank", explained how Geosansar provides financial education and develops financial literacy amongst those at the bottom of the pyramid to generate growth in the local community. Nish developed on the operational model and the benefits to low income employees as well as to employers.